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Humour In Coaching & Therapy

March 24, 2011
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A two day workshop in using Humour in Change Work : April 9-10 : £99.0 : Newcastle upon Tyne with Phil Jeremiah.

Phill Jeremiah’s work using humour in therapy is a seriously humorous, often irrelevant and completely client centred way of working. This approach helps even the most stuck clients make beneficial changes. A ‘Bubble’ session has the gentle power to help shift clients from problem states to resource states and create lasting and powerful change. In the ‘Bubble of Possibility’ anything and everything is possible … With 20 years plus experience in using a humour based approach, maybe you are ready to come on this exciting journey into the Bubble Of Possibility … So … What is the Bubble Of Possibility?

Phil provides training, motivational speaking and support to organisations in the use of humour. Laughter in the workplace is proven to reduce symptoms of stress and can promote good team working in a fun way with groups or individuals. This two day workshop offers us the opportunity to experiment with, understand why and how, and develop confidence in using humour in coaching or therapy.

It’s a must for your development and an even greater must for right now – with our economic and social structures all in turmoil, we could all do with a little humour to help us frame it in ways that are useful to and for us and to and for our clients.

Paula McCormack – UK Social Leaders Coach

Humour can help to break old patterns and establish new ones

This workshop is April 9-10 : There are only ten places :
Your investment for two days training in fully utilising
Humour in Change Work is a very reasonable £99.00



What is the Bubble Of Possibility?

The ‘Bubble’ is a safe space created in advance of any therapeutic or coaching work. Humour Worx change consultants, explain what can happen in this space, a space where the agent of change will and can do anything and everything to assist their client in making an honest and lasting change, from a problem space to something much more resourceful.

All participants will receive

  • A robust structure to utilise humour in change work
  • Personal change work with the group via exercises
  • The opportunity to do a 1:1 session with Phil
  • New and different perspectives and methodologies to use humour in your own work and practices

So many research papers and books tell us of the positive effects of laughter. Apparently 20 minutes of laughter is equivalent to 20 minutes of physical activity, likened to an inner form of jogging. It may well act as a buffer against day to day stressful perceptions. However, laughter is not easy to come by in our mixed up fear driven world. Consequently Humour Worx sets out to challenge our sometimes negative mind-sets and self-limiting beliefs.

I thoroughly enjoyed Phil’s workshop. Apart from the actual content, which was fascinating, his slick delivery meant that the weekend flew by. He is a superb and extremely humorous presenter, who could give many comedians a run for their money!

He brought the topic to life through a wide range of actual examples and life experience.

Humour Worx is a brilliant tool which complements other approaches. I have used it regularly since to great effect.

Carol Barwick – Carol Barwick Associates Ltd.

Research shows that laughter can help to boost the immune system

This workshop is all about therapeutic uses of humour and a Humour Worx approach to real change. An absolute must for therapists, coaches, trainers and all people helpers! Phil Jeremiah was one of Frank Farrelly’s ( Provocative Therapy ) earliest and brightest students.

When I first did the ‘Humour Worx’ weekend course with Phil Jeremiah, I was not sure of what to expect. What I found was a very fun way of resolving problems, that was both rapid and very effective. The processes used are very well structured as is the teaching methodology, which involves clear explanations along with actual practice of the processes involved. All in all an excellent piece of therapeutic technology.

Huw Dampney – Artist, Senior Martial Arts Instructor

April 9-10 2011 : Humour In Therapy & Coaching : £99
There are ONLY 10 places for this event. Make sure you get yours! Act Now and Book Your Place.



“Creativity and humour are closely linked

Phil has been providing training in the UK and Europe for over 20 years to a wide range of professionals and organisations and has worked in the field of personal development for even longer. He was a qualified Senior Mental Health Social Worker, approved under the Mental Health Act 1983. Phil has extensive training and a wealth of experience in the fields of adult psychiatry, psychotherapy, counselling, hypnosis, brief therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Life coaching and clinical risk assessment in mental health.

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Newcastle Conference for Counsellors, Coaches and Therapists : May 14-15 : ONLY £40

February 15, 2011

I am seriously delighted and very excited to now be announcing the first Northern ChangeWorkers, Counsellors, Coaches and Therapists Conference ( NCCCTC ), here in Newcastle. A conference where we are continuing to highlight The North East as a centre for Excellence in Change Work and Therapy.

With our Magnificent Seven presenters, we can all draw from their experience and absorb their uniquely individual approach to successful change work.

Get their real MASSIVE value insights and their methods that the top North East Change Professionals, Coaches and Therapists use One to One with clients.

A genuine golden opportunity to learn from top North East change workers and to do some great networking and create new relationships. Book right away as there are limited places …

Conference topics will include:

  • General ways and methodologies for Brief Therapy.
  • Working with Eating Disorders.
  • Grief and Bereavement.
  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy.
  • Self Acceptance.
  • Dealing with Guilt.
  • True Co-Creative Coaching Alliances.

Enter your name & email now to receive a FREE audio CD interview with Harry Knox ( Brief Grief Therapy ) and Sharon Cox ( Eating Disorders ) discussing their backgrounds and providing insights into how they work in their specialised fields.

The NCCCT conference, over two days in May 14-15, is specifically for all of us people involved in professional change work as counsellors, therapists and coaches. And now by attending you will get:

  • Insights and practices of the top professionals.
  • The best value conference this year by far.
  • Specific methods for your client groups.
  • Incredible networking opportunities.

The ticket price for this two full day conference is only £40 and this IS incredible value for a two day conference. BUT

If you ACT NOW and are one of the first 100 people to book your place you get your ticket for ONLY £30. So, go ahead and BOOK YOUR PLACE now!

As well as all attendants receiving a series of interviews with the presenters which will give you a general overview of the presenters unique way of working all conference participants will be able to discover the ways and methodologies in which to work with your clients with Eating Disorders, Grief and Bereavement, Solution Focused Therapy, Self Acceptance, Guilt, True Co-Creative Coaching Alliances and a great deal more.

NCCCTC is taking place in May 14-15 in Newcastle upon Tyne 2011. Be Sure You Attend!


Introducing our presenters for 2011, each with many years of both one to one experience as well as excellent group facilitation skills:

Harry KnoxBereavement and Brief Grief Therapy
With an unparalleled career of over 30 years working in psychiatry in the NHS. Harry now splits his time between supervision, one to one therapy and training facilitation. As a Master practitioner and accredited trainer of NLP, Harry has a unique, humorous and entirely engaging style to change work and is the creator of ‘Brief Grief Therapy’.

Sharon CoxEating Disorder Specialist
Sharon is a BACP accredited counsellor, with a private practice based in North Tyneside, offering both short and long-term counselling for a wide range of psychological and emotional concerns. She provides counselling supervision to both training and qualified counsellors and has extensive experience in Substance Misuse, Bereavement Care and Victim Support. Sharon’s special interest is in eating disorders. Combining a busy practice and training facilitation she is also studying to gain a PhD in Counselling Studies.

John Wheeler – Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Well published and equally well known in the field of Brief Therapy, John has over 18 years experience in facilitation, clinical supervision and one to one work both internationally and here in the UK. John is also responsible for the excellent BTNE organisation.

Rob McGinleyAnxiety And Depression
Rob S. McGinley is a qualified, experienced and effective counsellor. His extensive background includes bereavement & loss, work stress, relationship & family issues, depression & anxiety and youth counselling. BACP registered, Rob works as a counsellor/ NLP practitioner , has his own small private practice and lectures full time on the counselling foundation degree training program at TyneMet College.

Andy HuntCompassionate Self Acceptance
Andy works with people who give themselves a hard time, judge themselves harshly, feel bad about themselves or spend far too much time having a problem with themselves. Andy’s clients may typically feel irresistibly drawn to choose situations and relationships that reinforce their bad opinion of themselves, Andy helps them to experience and make positive changes. A NLP Master Practitioner, accredited EFT and NLP trainer, Andy is well know for his ability to run change processes while creating a deep and respectful rapport.

Paula McCormack – UK Social Leaders Coach
With over 20 years experience as both an individual and group development facilitator Paula has developed her own unique approach to change and development know as The Adaptive. Paula is dynamic and has an incredible ability to deeply connect and create the space that fosters true discoveries and engenders personal change.

Nigel Hetherington – Addictions & Trauma
Nigel is the NCCCTS organiser. He works as an approved NLP and Clinical Hypnotherapy training facilitator, has a private practice and is particularly interested in helping people recover and move forward in life from serious addictions, trauma and abusive relationships. Nigel facilitates regular NLP, Hypnotherapy and Therapist workshops and practice groups in the North East and Newcastle.

This conference is seriously affordable to everyone; Why? Because all of our presenters are dedicated to the real direction and goal of excellence in therapy for all attendees. We are all involved in developing further our skills and ways of practice in mutually beneficial and co-created change alliances.

Your personal investment for this value packed and quality information conference is ONLY £30 for the first 100 registrants. After this the price increases to £40, which is still excellent value. After 5th May the price increases to £50.

But think about this; £50 for a two day conference with the top therapists, change workers and coaches is still incredible value because you will get to understand the unique ways and methods of the presenters that they use which makes them the very top of their profession and they will be sharing their methods and ways of getting excellent results with their clients.

Healthy Living Create lasting changes!

July 22, 2010

Hi there, my name is Nadine Danielle Atkinson, I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist/ N.L.P Master practitioner/coach,  I am currently Coaching singers/Bands, facilitating clients to achieve the ultimate dream/goal.

My specific aim is to help entertainers decide for them selves what it is that they really want to do whilst performing on stage and living your dream.

There are many ways in which to do this, we could talk about stage presence, or just simply relax into a nice state whilst gently absorbing the relaxation through the body and transferring that to the stage environment.

Or you could even get to a state of knowing exactly what it is that you want to achieve whilst having lots of fun and looking and feeling great on stage.

I am also running a healthy living create lasting changes event/group.

create lasting changes within your body!

Wouldn’t you like to achieve the motivation in order to make wonderful changes?

Create new ways of generating positive relationships with food.  Wouldn’t you like to feel much healthier!  

Sound familiar??  

This could be just right for you!  

Join us at the Plough, on old Duhram road,  Gateshead on 15th June from 7pm then  our next meeting is on Tuesday 27th July and then fortnightly there after, for only £6 per session (2 and half hours) on the door,  or £5 per session if you pay online in advance via pay pal.  

Please visit to make a payment, there is a pay pal link on my home page. 

Or you can call me for more information on: 07795211840  

I would also like to invite  you  to add me on  face book (Nadine Danielle Atkinson) and join and participate in my group on Facebook it’s called Healthy living creating lasting changes, feel free to post your writings and experiences with changes you are already starting to make, this is not just about drinking more water and eating more fruit, this can be about our inner wellbeing and enlightenment.  

We can all learn from others, I believe it is how we progress, and although we are all aware now that we can learn by our own mistakes, how about turning this around into a positive and learn from our previous efforts instead. 


Good this means your learning something new. 

Ok here it is go back to a time having achieved your goal once before, do it now…………… 

What did you do differently that you’re not doing now? 

I would like to invite you to grab a pen and paper and write down all the things that were essential for you then. 

What were you thinking?
What was your motivation? 

What was different to now? 

How were you breathing? 

What else did you notice? 

What was going on inside your body? 
Have a play around with this and just see what happens for you now and what will happen if you apply those feelings ect into your life now. 

You can even ask yourself some of your own questions in a way that’s just right for you. 

These are some of the things we can explore at the healthy living meetings!  

Also I have had a wonderful response from a lot of people asking the about Healthy Living event that takes place once a fortnight here on a Tuesday night in Gateshead,  although a few of these people live quite a few miles from the venue, therefore choosing not to attend.

 How would you like to gain more motivation and confidence, enjoying this in the comforts of your own home.

 I was chatting to a girl last week who really wanted to lose weight so I suggested she come along to the event. she hummed and harred for a while until I started asking very polite and comforting questions, when we were in flow of conversation this girl said that she was apprehensive about attending the event for the first time, due to lack of confidence and also she told me that she lacked the motivation to attend. One of my questions was “are you confident about not being confident” I became aware that if we chatted for a while longer then she would certainly find the motivation within herself because you all have this motivation with in you to do what is just right for you now. 

I would like to take the opportunity now to invite you to join me on skype(dates and times to be arranged) a small charge for my time would be minimal, and with the very strong energy that I put into the group the benefits from this I believe would be fantastic.

I will be facilitating and giving you some wonderful positive suggestions on how you can live your dream and achieve your goals for healthy living.

I could also upon request,  give some very valuable information on how to find gentle  processes that can be run in order for that specific outcome you have in mind.

Not only would you get to listen to like-minded people share their own personal stories, but also you get to tell your own too.

 How much would you pay to have this interesting information and tools to assist you achieve your goal.


If you have any questions or comments regarding this post please feel free to ask or comment.

Also you can Share your story on the guest book on my website and I will pick one lucky winner out of these stories to receive these new skype session absolutely free.(based on a 3 monthly term) 

I have been hearing some wonderful quotes of late, especially a one from a very dear friend of mine, about something Bandler said, I was very inspired by the good deed every day, without expecting anything in return.
I really believe that this could be very effective, the idea is to increase self-esteem by doing a good deed for someone every day, without expecting anything back, and pretty soon you will like your self even more.  

Also you can contact me via email on

or you can call 07795211840 

I look forward to hearing from you love and light Nadine x

NLP Neurological Levels and Coaching

May 25, 2010

Newcastle and North East NLP Trainer and Clinical Hypnotherapist Nigel Hetherington demonstrates how to use NLP Neurological Levels as a coaching and exploration tool during the Communicating Excellence NLP Newcastle Practitioner training.

Neurological Levels Introduction

Neurological Levlels NLP and Coaching – Part 1

Neurological Levlels NLP and Coaching – Part 2

Neurological Levlels NLP and Coaching – Part 3

Neurological Levlels NLP and Coaching – Part 4

Spiritual NLP and Soulmate

May 25, 2010

Newcastle and North East Shaman Energy Worker and NLP Trainer Laurie Attwood explores the Soulmate as a personal mirror and way to onnect even more deeply with them.

Laurie Attwood – Spiritual Mirror Soulmate

Life Change, Cooking and NLP

May 14, 2010
A cook sautees onions and peppers.
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We all cook; food, status, moods, attitudes and  life … so … metaphorically we all consequentially do the washing up right!

If you wash your pan too soon while it is seating hot it hisses in the sink – the pan is way too hot … If we leave the pan way too long its cold and it makes the cleaning up much harder than it needs to be.

Wait for a correct pause, a short while, until,  it cools down sufficiently and then do the washing up. Maybe after you have eaten and digested all the good stuff.

Learning and integrating your learnings is like washing a pan – do it at the right time and it is very, very, easy going.

Nigel Hetherington

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NLP Introduction Course – Newcastle – June 19-20

May 14, 2010

An excellent way to learn how to use NLP to change your life and get more of what you want.

Newcastle and North East NLP Introduction for £95 for two full days of experiential training.

Full details and Booking your place click here for Newcastle NLP Introduction Training.

NLP and Hypnosis Hints and Tips – Nigel Hetherington

May 8, 2010

NLP and Hypnotherapy Hints and Tips newsletter and access to lots of FREE NLP and Hypnosis Videos.

Newcastle and North East Hypnosis Training, NLP Training.

Get it all right here … right now … CLICK IT!

8 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams – Step 1 “Know What You Want”

May 7, 2010

Shape Shifting 101 – Laurie Attwood

April 29, 2010

SHAPESHIFTING 101 Workshop Newcastle – 3 day workshop just £100 for the first 10 registrants ONLY!

Fri 4th – Sun 6th June, 2010

For the FIRST TIME EVER this SECRET ART is being offered in an UNPRECEDENTED WORKSHOP… now available to the public… teaching you this ancient art of embodying archetypes… which you will learn to apply in practical ways… enabling you to face life’s challenges head-on… with full access to your untapped potential, that becomes available when you connect with your archetypal energies… which until now have been hidden, latent within you, waiting to be set free.

This course is open to anyone with an adventurous spirit and a desire to explore how this mysterious art that has been hiding in the shadows, waiting for it’s time to re-emerge, can empower you to change your life your life forever.

The time is NOW!

To get your EARLYBIRD PRICE of just £100 before it goes.